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About Us

The Infra Capacity Alliance is a long-term strategic collaboration platform between industry and public agencies to improve Resilience

Department of Defense & NATO

(CIV-MIL Collaboration)

Many defense organizations within NATO are punshing below their weight, and are not fully up to their Article 5 defense tasks. These Armed Forces emerged diminished from the “peace dividend” era of the immediate post-Cold War years and to date are still underspending on their readiness, firepower, and sustainability.
The Infra Capacity Alliance offers military engineers guarenteed availability to its resources (products, people and processes) so they can focus on defending the alliance, create stability in the world and assist in responding to disasters. It is our contribution to improve Resilience.

Civil Agenancies, NGOs &
Private Enterprises

The world’s infrastructure, mostly maintained and operated under austere budgets, is going to face significant impacts from climate change. Extreme weather events will have a tremendous impact on any type of infra-project. The Infra Capacity Alliance helps public agencies and globally operating private enterprises with inserting immediate redundancy in the supply chain system, “an adrenaline-shot when infra-systems experiences a cardiac arrest”. 
The five founding fathers of the Infra Capacity Alliance govern the board under the following set of guidelines:
  • Top of mind with customers
  • Transparency & Trust
  • Keep it simple
  • Sustainability directs solution-development

Partners of the Infra Capacity Alliance

The combined amount of resources within the Infra Capacity Alliance is significant.
It offers public agencies and globally operating private enterprised the option of claiming up-to-date resources, instead of  procuring, owning, maintaining, sustaining, updating, training, disposing and replacing their own resources.

Modular Vertical Construction
Modular Power Infra
Modular Water Infra
Modular Gap Crossing (wet & dry)
…and more

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Co-Share / Co-Create

The Infra Capacity Alliance is a civil-public partnership that shares knowledge, innovates and works together to achieve an agile, reciprocal and sustainable partnerships which guarentees availability of capacity in order to respond to temporary -and emergency ground-based infra requirements. Co-creation is a form of collaboration in which all participating partners have an influence on the process and the result of this process. Characteristics of co-creation are dialogue, common ground, enthusiasm, decisiveness, and focus on results. Conditions for successful co-creation are equality of partners, reciprocity, openness and trust.



Together we create and share commercial off the shelf modular product-solutions which have a high degree of commonality with requirements within the departments of defense,  departments of civil-works, united nations and other (non)public agencies.


Together we plan together, we teach eachother, we learn together, we have additional and each other’s capabilities and we improve our availability and operating results.


Together we share our best in class processes & practices, creating trust with our public partners in esuring the planned guarenteed capacity will be available and delivered with a sense of urgency during a crisis and disaster. 


A resilient society can face shocks and persistent structural changes
in such a way that it does not lose its ability to deliver well-being in a sustainable way. The Infra Capacity Alliance objective is smoothing the impact of those shocks so society can bounce forward.

Markets We Serve!

Offering readiness to mobilize temporary turn-key infra solutions to support Military objectives or mittigating sudden failures in the country’s infrastructure by deploying turn-key emergency infra solutions.

Reducing humanitarian suffering by immediately rolling out turn-key emergency infra solutions.

Reducing risk, increasing climate resilience by ensuring business continuity to global operating private enterprises.

Guarenteed availability delivered with a sense of urgency!

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